If something happens that Lovable can not handle at the current time,

write down their name, SteamID, and proof of their actions,

preferrably in video form.

Post the report in #player-reports in our Discord

  1. No Exploits

  2. Don't disrespect anyone.

  3. No Alt accounts

  4. Be In Character

  5. Don't spam staff

  6. Do not ping the owners on discord unless it's important

  7. Use common sense, and don't be autistic.

  8. Like every other server, all staff members have the final say

  9. You cannot get out of a situation with "But it wasnt in the rules!"

  10. No Explosives

  11. Only staff my be in god mode!

  12. Do not glitch into buildings/anything

  13. Do not Teleport for any reason

  14. Don't Hold your the horn

  15. Do not mic spam

  16. Do not attempt to crash the server.

  17. Do not abuse the lambda menu

  18. Do not kill other players in spawn


  20. If you don't have VIP then DON'T use the VIP cars!!!